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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: New Legends finally for all

Also in FIFA 18, the "Ultimate Team" mode is back in the game. However, only Xbox players have been able to access their "player" legends. How to get free fifa 18 coins With FIFA 18, a lot has changed in the FUT - you can find out more in our news ticker.

In addition to owners of an Xbox One, the owners of a PlayStation 4, a Nintendo Switch and PC gamers have access to the "legendary" kickers, which are now called "Icons" by EA. Hack FIFA 18 Pieces Some icons have already revealed EA; Including Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, Ronaldinho, and Thierry Henry. A complete list of all known legends can be found here at EA.

There will be a total of three cards from each football icon, each of which represents a specific time in the player's career. Depending on how successful the player was at this time, his values also fall out. Two cards of a player already exist at the start of FIFA 18, while the third (and best) variant can only be achieved within a limited time window during the season.

Confirmed: 3. League and DFB-Pokal come for FIFA 18

A major innovation in the FIFA Series: Fire Emblem heroes The FIFA 2018 game will be the first to contain the 3rd league and the DFB Cup. EA Sports secured the rights to all third-country teams with more than 500 players. The DFB today announced this in a press release. The DFB Cup is to be played in FIFA 18 both in the Career Mode and separately. The women's national team has already been included in the FIFA series for some time.

"With the integration of the 3rd League, Shadow Fight 3 we are meeting one of the greatest wishes of the FIFA community, the passion for the home club is shaping the world of football around the world," said Björn Vöcking, Marketing Director GSA at EA.

FIFA 18 will be released on 29 September 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Is Ronaldo the problem?

Cover Star and FIFA 18 drawback Cristiano Ronaldo Brawl Stars could be a problem for EA Sports. As already known, Ronaldo is featured on the cover of the latest FIFA part - in the jersey of Real Madrid. In the story mode, Ronaldo plays a major role as a player in Madrid.

But what if Cristiano Ronaldo actually leaves Real Madrid? In the sporting world, a speculative transfer of the Portuguese is being speculated. Ronaldo, too, has openly voiced the idea of change - the reason for this is the issuance against him of tax evasion in Spain.


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