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Fifa Mobile Hack Release Celebration
Fifa Mobile Hack Release Celebration

The Story

That said, the the one full, non-interactive cutscene that was played to me didn't fill me with confidence. It involved Hunter coming to terms with the fact that he was being sent out on loan and then learning, through a TV news broadcast, that Harry Kane was being signed as replacement. As sports narratives go, the scene was more Ready to Rumble than Raging Bull. fifa mobile football points hack free

Despite my initial surprise at The Journey's inclusion, it does fit within the wider FIFA game. This is a dramatic offering in a franchise that has always sought to create the most dramatic form of football possible, and the creative team is clearly hoping that fans of the series are going to want to experience that drama in a much more literal way.

It's not known how many hours The Journey will demand of players, but it would be wise for EA to stick to a shorter running time. Most FIFA players prefer to play with others, either in person or online, whereas The Journey is a decidedly solo enterprise. On the flip side, convincing avid consumers of narrative-focused games that the best option for a good story this year is fifa mobile seems rather optimistic. fifa mobile coins cheats

An easier sell are the changes being made to the way the football plays on the pitch, with ball retention and attacking runs behind and through the defence being the most impactful.

At the press of a button you can trigger your player to play a more physical game, with actions that include shielding the ball from opponents, using his or her body more effectively to bring down a ball that's in the air, and generally being more prepared to jostle with the opposition. The changes feel stark when in possession of the ball, allowing you to more ably pause in front of the defence and play a cutting pass without worrying so much about a defender simply poking the ball out from your feet. In turn, this more readily enables the option to play a slower, more considered form of offensive build-up than in fifa mobile. fifa mobile ios android hack

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