Kim Richardson

The Ultimate Tailgate for Cystic Fibrosis

Join us on Saturday, October 24th to celebrate the union of Tika Gogia and Will Cathcart at the Ultimate Tailgate to raise funds to support Cystic Fibrosis!

Time: 5:00
Location: Wingate Plantation, John's Island
Attire is Casual - Denim and Lace 
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Will and Tika Cathcart

The Story

Dear family and friends,  You have been with us throughout the journey that has taken us from a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis at the early age of 18 months as family members, neighbors and friends in Charleston, Point Pleasant, Creekside, CDS, PG, Clemson, the Old Village and now down a path that has led Will to find the love of his life in the Republic of Georgia, Tika Gogia.  This journey has been blessed every step of the way through the support of each of you.  We have been fortunate to walk paths with you in these areas and to have been supported and encouraged by you all along the way.  Please join us now in celebrating this union at a "reunion" of all of these facets of Will's life and in welcoming his new bride, Tika.  We look forward to the opportunity to thank you for all you have meant to us throughout this journey and to celebrate the amazing accomplishments that have been made in the advancement of this life changing diagnosis.  Bring your tailgating chairs and meet us in the country for a relaxing evening.  No gifts please, but if you would like to make a small contribution to CF you may do so at the event or here at this site!

                                         Kim and Katie Richardson            Bill and Kay Cathcart



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Maggie Siegler  
Sorry we missed the festivities!! Much love from California. And happy belated birthday Will!

John and Katie Dukes  
What a special evening. Wishing Will and Tika all the happiness!

Anne Marie Hagood  
What a beautiful event and such a lovely couple. Wishes of happiness to all!

Roz Adams  
Congratulations on your new life together! Wishing you Love, Joy and Great Health forever & ever!

Hamlin O'Kelley  
Perrin is warming up her pipes for later today

Barry and Liz Socia  
Wow! The Socias are so happy for you! Will, we have always been one of your biggest FANS! Thank you for including us! Wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

The Hand Family  
So happy for your family. We wish you the best and sorry we are out of town and will miss the festivities.

Marcia & Tim West  
Congratulations and best wishes for a life together full of adventure and happiness!

Julie Tonks  
Congratulations to Will and Tika! Wishing you continued blessings from the Tonks family. We won't be at your special event tomorrow, but we are supporting the worthy cause. Thanks for the invite.

Cary and John Wyatt  
Congratulations Will! We can't wait to see you this weekend!

Eugenia and Larry Burtschy  
We are so happy for you Will. We look forward to being with you this weekend! The Burtschy Family

Rebekah Unger  
We regret that we will not be able to attend, but we are happy to help with CFF. Congratulations to Will and Tika! The Unger family

Mary cutler  
We're so sad to miss the happy day!! Congratulations and lots of love and best wishes! Richard and Mary, Mary and Charles, Richard, Caroline and Chatham

Marjorie Marks  
Dear Will and Tika, Congratulations for your wedding! We wish you a lifetime of love, joy, and peace. We are so happy to submit this donation and so sorry that we won't be able to join you this Saturday. Will be thinking of you and the wonderful time you will be having! With love, Moby and Margi

Cammy and Blake Dennis  
Dear Katie and Kim, We hate to miss such a wonderful celebration. We will not be able to attend. Wishing you beautiful weather for this happy occasion! Cammy and Blake PS I made a donation, but I clicked on the gold button instead of the "donate" button at the top of the page, so our donation might not be included with Will and Tika's. So sorry I didn't pay better attention!

Brigitte Morin  
Sorry, we will not be able to attend but thank you for the invitation and congratulations to you all.

Nancy Masche  
Regret that we will not be able to attend the celebration but know that everyone will have a great time. Congratulations

Congratulations Will and Tika! The Holt family

Rebecca Darwin  
Regret that we will not be able to be there to celebrate but wish all of you all of the best!

joanne & charlie cole  
We will not be able to come but know you will have a wonderful celebration

Elton and Kathy Carrier  
Elton and I are so sorry we are not able to attend but will make a contribution to this special cause and wish the happy couple all the best!!

Mary Atmar Bradley  
Congratulations! What a wonderful event to celebrate! We really wish we could be there and are sad to miss such a special day! Thank you SO much for including us and cheers to the happy couple! :)

Mary Neill McKie  
I hate to miss this...I will be out of town that weekend. Much love to Will and Tika!

Elsa McDowell  
What fun! Will is one of my favorites, and I know Tika will be too. I HATE that we can't come that day. But we will help CFF.

Paul Trouche  
Janie and I are very sorry we'll be out of the state that weekend. Good luck to Will and Tika, or (if my google translation to Georgian is correct) gisurvebt' tsarmatebas!

Lucie Maguire  
We have made a donation and now let's celebrate a wonderful couple. We will be there!!

Nancy Sam Stafford  
We are sorry to miss such a memorable evening! Look forward to meeting your lovely bride at another visit. Much love to you both, you are a stunning couple Will!! Nancy and Sam Stafford

John Saalfield  
Will, out of town the 24th. Crushed as remember greeting you right after your birth at Roper. Congratulations to you and Tika, and Godspeed in your travels. The Saalfields

Telfair Parker  
Congrats Will & Tika! We are very sorry to miss and know it be a wonderful gathering. Cheers, The Parkers

Kay Rigter  
Joe and I look forwarding to celebrating with you all on the 24th ! Congratulations to the Newlyweds! Joe and Kay Rigter

Eleanor Kuhl  
Congratulations and best wishes to Will and Tika! I am sorry that we can't make the celebration on Oct. 24th. Thank you for including us. The Kuhl Family

Susan LEADEM  
Congratulations! We will be at a wedding that evening so we will miss the fun evening. Thank you for the invitation. The Leadem Family

Margaret Manuel  
Sorry we are unable to make it, but congratulations and best wishes to you all! The Manuels.

Irene Holland  
Congratulations Will and best wishes Tika. Hope to make it if I can.

Louisa Parsell  
Congratulations to Will and Tika!!!! Unfortunately, the Parsells will not be able to make it on October 24th. Happy Celebrating to the whole family!! Thank you for including us! What a special moment and wonderful cause! Best wishes to all!

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